Sunday, 28 August 2016

Not a big update. First a WIP of a generic ECW Royalist commander  from the Perry Miniatures range:

I also have Warlord's Mule Train prepped, primed and ready for paint:

Earlier I finished some scrub bases. I made these in mind for Jeff's Afristan colonial campaign using the Sword and The Flame rules. The last pic shows some rough ground markers I made a few months ago for the same campaign.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Hello and welcome to my Blog,

About 5 or 6 years ago I started a Historical Projects plog on Warseer with my 11th century Andalusian force based largely around kit bashes and conversions from existing plastic kits (mostly Conquest Games Normans). The plog evolved to include a wide variety of small side projects as well as another major project, a Royalist English Civil War army formed from two Warlord Games Starter Battalias.  Sadly, Warseer seems to have been laid low by internet villains and may not recover. So, I have decided to start recording my projects in a proper blog, here.

To begin with I will show a recently completed unit; a "generic" unit in redcoats:

I am halfway through a the 10 plastic Firelocks that come in a Starter Battalia:

A couple of years  ago I bought a number of Gripping Beast (I think they are Gripping Beast...) Muslim/Andalusian models second hand. Having recently made another purchase- this time Artizan Designs Andalusians- on The Lead Adventure Forum I decided I better get a start on the GB models:
So.. hopefully updates will be regular if not frequent.